What's Included in a Home Inspection?

What is a home inspection?

Just in case you’ve never had a home inspection – here’s a quick rundown. A home inspection is a visual examination of a home’s interior, exterior, structure, and major systems.   The purpose of a home inspection is to find problems that could be costly to repair or harmful to your health. As a home buyer – getting a home inspection before closing a deal is one of the smartest things you can do.

Home inspection checklist:  Any home inspection will vary depending on the specific home – as each home is different. However, there are eight essential categories.

1. Exterior

Defects on the exterior of the home are usually noticeable – even without the trained eye of a professional inspector. We’ll be looking for:

2. Roof/Attic

Damaged or old roofs can lead to bigger issues, so we will inspect the materials and integrity of the roof and roofing materials. The attic’s condition can affect the roof, and vice versa, which is why inspecting both is necessary.

Roof Items:

Attic Items: 

3. Foundation/Grounds

If the home’s foundation is damaged, this can lead to costly repairs. Since the foundation of the home is essential to a home’s structural integrity, this is an item that will be inspected during every home inspection.

4. Interior

The interior of the home should be well maintained and free from damage. Every home will have typical wear and tear. However, the inspector will be looking for signs of abnormal damage – which could mean underlying problems.

5. Structure

The structure of the home is the wooden framework that was built before drywall, insulation and anything else was added. The structure is often called the “bones of the house”, and if it’s damaged or built incorrectly the home may be unsafe

6. Electrical

Electrical problems can be dangerous and costly to repair if there is severe damage, so we’ll be checking the electrical systems thoroughly. If we find defects in the home’s electrical systems, we’ll recommend having a professional electrician evaluate to determine the severity and cost to repair.

7. Plumbing

Plumbing problems are some of the most expensive repairs – and not something you want to deal with. We will inspect all plumbing systems and determine if a professional plumber should be contacted for further analysis. 

8. HVAC (Heating/Cooling System)

Although some homes don’t have an A/C system installed, most homes have a heating system. Your inspector will make sure the HVAC system is working, so you and your family will have a comfortable home.

Remember that each home is different, so there may be more items on our inspection list. 

However, it’s safe to say that these eight categories will definitely be inspected. 

No home is perfect, so we’ll almost surely find defects. But that doesn’t mean that the home isn’t right for you. 

We’ll talk you through our findings and help make sure you understand the current condition and what you might want to negotiate for.